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Q-Why should I consider getting some firearm instruction from John Z Sr.?

A-For starters, ANY of the shooting disciplines are a great way to have safe fun and get to meet some very fine people. But before you get started, you need to know a few things. SAFETY is the #1 thing that each and every shooter must be taught and must practice before using firearms or getting into shooting sports.

 Q-OK, why John Z Sr.?
A- As an NRA Certified Instructor since the 1980’s, USPSA Certified Range Officer, IDPA Certified Safety Officer, Steel Challenge Range Officer, ICORE Range Officer and competitor with over 100 matches per year under my belt, I do know a thing or two about firearm safety.

Q- Fine, so you have a few credentials, still, with all the others out there, why you?
A- Fair question, there are many places you can turn for instruction. “Uncle Joe”, or “Bob” next door may seem ok, free, but you just might get what you paid for (nothing for nothing). How ‘bout “Tact-ti-cool Tom’s” advanced 3 gun room clearing, high tech gear, 1000+ round, kill-’em-all let God sort-’em-out, weekend for $1,000.00. Great choice if you have the time and money and always thought about how cool it would be as a Navy Seal, or, if you are still young enough, you can join the Military, prove you are good enough to become Special Forces, get the training and ammo, FREE, and get paid for it !! Better deal in my opinion, but not applicable to all.

Q- OK, now I know that’s not for me. I just got my first gun and want to be safe and proficient with it, why you?
A- I can and will teach you the basic firearm safety procedures and can and will teach you to become a confident and proficient firearms owner.

Q- But I have heard the NRA is “THE” place to go for instruction.
A- You are right, but The NRA is us, over 4,000,000 members, some of us are Instructors. As Instructors we teach the time proven and tested NRA courses (there are many), that may be of interest to you.

Q- But I want to know how to use my new concealed carry gun, and be good with it, now that I have my permit. Does the NRA have course for that?
A- Yes, they do, and I offer them. But in my humble opinion, taking just one class may not be enough for that to become a reality. You will need practice and follow up guidance.

Q- Ok, I get it, now you are trying to up sell me, right?
A- No, just want you to know that no one instructor can make you that proficient in one class, I can’t and don’t know of any that can. The quality Instructors will agree.

Q- But I’ve heard about USPSA and IDPA and this new game ZSA, those sound fun! Can the NRA teach me about those?
A- In short, no. The NRA has various types of competitive shooting sports under their umbrella, and the other games have their own rules and regulations. Everything you learn about safety applies to any game, any firearm, anytime. I can introduce you to the many NRA activities and train you to get proficient in those.

Q- I’ve seen “shoot to stay alive” classes and “how to survive the 27 bad guys breaking down my door” classes advertised, why not one of those.
A- Sure, go ahead, if you think that is where you want to be.

Q- You are not convincing me anymore, you had me ‘till you said go learn “how to shoot to stay alive”, so you want me to go someplace else?
A- No, I may be foolish, but I’m not stupid, and neither are you. You’ve read this far, so I must be having some effect on you. Ask some of the people that have spent time, money and ammo with some of those types of instruction. Ask them about it. See how they shoot in competition. How safe and confident do they look to you? Then talk to some of my fellow shooters and friends (yes, they may have paid me at one time, but now we are friends) about what they have learned and see how they shoot.

 Q- You are getting me back, but can you make me a better shooter and show me how to win at competition?
A- Yes, I can. Will you? Up to us both, I can and will teach you the skills to be a good, safe and confident shooter, I can teach you to move up in class, I can tell you exactly how to be National Champion (this is free, but don’t spread it around, the way to be a National USPSA or IDPA Champ is….. shoot faster and more accurately than everyone else). Free advice and yet priceless at the same time! YOU must have the desire to practice the skills I can teach you, and hone them. I will do my part, you must do yours.

Q- So you can teach me what I need to know about firearms and safety?
A- In short, yes.

Q- So you are almost my choice, guarantee me that you will show me the best way to shoot. I’ve had friends take classes and they have told me Instructor “X” told me to do it this way, will you do that for me?
A- No, in my opinion, there is no “best” or “only” way to shoot, other than you MUST be a SAFE shooter. I will show you various styles and approaches, and we will see what works best for you, not your buddy.

Q- OK, I’m almost convinced, what will you do to close this?
A- Simple, you have my word that if you don’t feel that your time and money were well spent, I will give you back your money, right then and there. You just look me in the eye and tell me I did not do what I promised I would do, and you get the money back. Only condition is you and I shake hands and you tell me where you felt I fell short, so it does not happen again, and as far as the time, I can’t give that back, but you spent time with me and that my friend is priceless!

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