New Prospective Pistol Owners Class – instruction from John Z Sr.

Firearms for the class

Firearms for the class

This class will consist of you, the prospective new gun owner, learning about the different types of handguns: 

In this class, I will provide 10 different handguns, both semi-auto and revolvers in calibers from .380 Auto up to .45 ACP.  You will receive SAFETY instruction on each type of firearm, basic marksmanship skills, and the chance to fire each handgun, under Instructor supervision. This class is all inclusive, we provide the handguns, ammo, eye/ear protection, range fees and of course the firearms instruction. You will be taught the pros/cons of each type, BEFORE you make your first purchase. This class is an excellent investment in knowledge and SAFETY prior to laying out your hard earned money at the gun store. The class runs an average of 2 hours and the cost is $125.00 per student for everything. Payment only accepted at the conclusion of class, if you do not feel it was worth it, don’t pay me, fair and simple. Cash or check only please, not set up for plastic.

Please contact me through the phone number or email address listed on my homepage for more information.

I have access to several ranges in North Carolina from the Triangle to the Coast.  Please contact me to determine which location will be best for your class.

This is not an official NRA class.  If you want to take the “NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting Course” with me, please ask me for details.