Intro to shooting skills and competition – instruction from John Z Sr.

Discussing groups

Discussing groups

This class is where I feel you will gain the most knowledge in the shortest amount of time.  In this class you will learn some of the more advanced gun handling skills, like shooting at a faster pace, shooting multiple targets, shooting from concealment, shooting on the move and under simulated stress of being timed.  This class will introduce you to the safe, fun world of competitive shooting, where you will meet some great people, spend enjoyable days on the range and increase your skill and proficiency in a safe, competitive way.

We will introduce you to USPSA, IDPA and ZSA shooting matches, and get you familiar with the range commands and make your first match a safe and fun experience.  Even those not interested in competition will learn many basic fundamentals that will increase skills and make you a better shooter.

This class will be 3 hours in length and will consist of 150 rounds.  The cost of this class is $100 per person. This class is not offered as individual instruction but for small groups of 3-5 people.  Please contact me through the phone number or email address listed on my homepage for information.  If you have your own eye and ear protection please bring it, if you do not have eye and ear protection we will provide if for you.

PLEASE NOTE: When you arrive for this class you must have your handgun in a gun box, range bag, pistol bag, etc.  The handgun MUST be unloaded, which means no round in the chamber, and the magazines must be out.  We work on a “cold range” premise, so do NOT unbag or handle your handgun anywhere on the range at any time until we begin the class and give you instructions to do so.  These rules must be followed for safety reasons, and safety for everyone is our top priority!

I have access to several ranges in North Carolina from the Triangle to the Coast.  Please contact me to determine which location will be best for your class.

This is not an official NRA class.  If you want to take the “NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting Course”, please ask me for details.