Firearms For Home Defense – instruction from John Z Sr.

Discussing sight picture and sight alignment

Discussing sight picture and sight alignment

What firearms for home defense???

This class will cover handguns, rifles and shotguns for home defense purposes. You will get basic marksmanship skills on the different firearms, along with SAFETY instruction and the pros/cons of each. This class is for the person that has little or no experience with firearms. Many people are immigrating to our wonderful State of North Carolina from far away lands that do not have 2nd Amendment rights readily available to the general public (you folks from the North East know who you are), and should you choose to purchase a firearm, we want you to be SAFE, proficient and knowledgeable with it. You will get to fire 2 revolvers, compact and duty size, 2 semi auto handguns, both large and small, 2 semi auto rifles and a semi auto and pump shotgun. Our goal is to help you make an informed purchase, should you decide a firearm is right for you and your family. The last thing we want to see is someone getting bad advice from a well meaning friend/family member, or worse yet, following the advice of our illustrious Vice President “Blast ’em” Joe Biden who told us all a few years back to just get a 12 gauge double barrel and put 2 blasts through the door, what a total moron. This class is all inclusive, the use of all firearms, ammo, eye/ear protection, range fee and of course the high level of instruction you will receive. Cost is $160.00 per person, payable at the completion of class. There will never be more than 3 students per Instructor, these classes are very personal and professional.

Please contact me through the phone number or email address listed on my homepage for more information.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have a firearm of your own you want to bring to this class, you must have your firearm in a gun box, range bag, pistol bag, etc.  The firearm MUST be unloaded, which means no round in the chamber, and the magazines must be out.  We work on a “cold range” premise, so do NOT unbag or handle your firearm anywhere on the range at any time until we begin the class and give you instructions to do so.  These rules must be followed for safety reasons, and safety for everyone is our top priority!

I have access to several ranges in North Carolina from the Triangle to the Coast.  Please contact me to determine which location will be best for your class.

This is not an official NRA class.  If you want to take the “NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting Course” with John, please ask me for more details.