About the Firearms Trainer

John and Mel

John and Mel

I am committed to teaching safe and responsible firearms training in and around the Raleigh NC area.

Come out to a class and learn with me in a safe, encouraging and fun environment. I tailor instruction to fit your needs and the goals you wish to achieve. My “goal” is to show and explain to you how to be safe, competent and confident with handling and shooting firearms. Reserve your class today!


Firearms Training Raleigh with John Z

  • NRA Certified Instructor with over 25 years of experience
  • NRA Safety Officer
  • USPSA Range Officer
  • IDPA Safety Officer
  • ICORE Range Officer
  • 2010, 2011, 2013 & 2014 USPSA NC State Revolver Champion
  • 2013 & 2014 USPSA Georgia State Revolver Champion
  • 2010 IDPA NC State Revolver Champion
  • 2010 IDPA East Coast Revolver Champion

John also served his country in the United States Marine Corps and the United States Coast Guard Reserve.

“Revolver is my gun of choice, but I am ranked in all the other competition divisions with various semi-automatic handguns, as well as having extensive knowledge with rifles and shotguns and also being a 3 gun competitor.”

“The Introduction to Firearms class that John gave me was outstanding.  As a female student, I was grateful for the individual attention and respect he showed me.  He was patient and calm, and welcomed all sorts of silly questions that I had.  My initial trepidation about handling guns, much less shooting one, was slowly replaced with confidence, and even enthusiasm about my burgeoning skills as a novice gun owner.  I would highly recommend his class to anyone who has never shot a firearm before or even to people who may have had some shooting experience.  The experience was one I’ll never forget and it’s changed my fears of gun ownership into growing confidence of gun ownership.”
Karen Beasley, MD

“Thank you so much for a great training. I learned a lot. You and Mel were very patient and knowledgeable about gun safety. I would highly recommend you and Mel for gun safety training. Hope to do this again soon. Best.”
Edward Mira Binanay

“You and Mel are AWESOME! Thanks again for the great training today! I learned so much! As a woman you put me at ease in shooting a gun for the first time.”

“Thanks for your training last Saturday…I may have found my next hobby. You and Mel make a great Team.”
Whitney Hill

Call about future training: 919 397-3960

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John Z. is also the co-founder of Zombie Shooters Association.

Send an email to John about classes at mail@JohnZSr.com